About iHome Constructions

iHome was first established in 2008 and began to take forward its commitment to build innovative and design-led projects.

Our policy has always been to build projects of quality, in time and in buget and of which we can be proud.

Our strength is in understanding and delivering the needs and aspirations of our clients in a manner, which provides trust and confidence at all stages of the construction process.

We achieve this by a framework of good communications, honesty, sound judgment and determined endeavour as well as a strong supply chain that is built upon longstanding relationships with the industry’s very best sub-contractors and suppliers.

At iHome construction ltd , we believe that constructing your building with us should be hassle free, enjoyable and an experience where we do all of the work.


Our start-to-finish pre-construction services approach deploys proven methods and technical solutions that address each aspect of the pre-construction process.

Our teams of experts work together at every level of our clients’ organisation.

Pre-construction is a significant part of the construction services we provide; we also manage the construction phase, and enlist pre-qualified subcontractors who meet our high standards for quality and cost-consciousness.

Every year, millions of people decide to renovate their homes. Most renovations have the same goal — to make homes more functional, more secure, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Over the past two decades, architects, engineers, designers and builders have made tremendous improvements in designing, building, and renovating homes. New homes today are far more energy-efficient and comfortable than in the past. ihome constructions recognizes the importance of clean, of keeping chemicals and other pollutants to a minimum. We have learned how to build and renovate homes by using fewer natural resources and reducing the negative impact of housing on the environment.

ihome constructions is dedicated in building and renovating with a GREEN perspective. Let us demonstrate how a house of any age can be turned into a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient home today. We encourage you to consider an Energy Efficient Home Renovation.

Construction projects – regardless of size – involve numerous details, and not every owner has the time or experience to manage the process.

Many choose to retain a firm to handle the planning, design and construction phases of their projects.

This process is referred to as Construction Management or Construction Project Management. ihome constructions provides superior construction management services.

Our staff with pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise that can assure the best possible project outcome.

We take responsibility for the entire project